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Accelerate Your Time To Market​

Don't waste up to 6 months trying to hire DevOps staff. Our turnkey solution can have you up and running in as little as 2 weeks.

Supplement Your Team With Our Kubernetes Experts​

We work with your existing DevOps and Development teams. We can act on a consulting basis guiding them through what needs to be done or be an embedded part of the team providing our knowledge and expertise
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Best Practices, Flexibility & Reliability

Our cloud agnostic and cloud native Kubernetes solutions will utilize industry best practices while still being tailored to your specific needs and use cases.

Save Money and Time

DevOps engineers are expensive and can take a long time to hire. With our managed Kubernetes solution your infrastructure can be ready quicker than the hiring process would take, and it will be in safe hands allowing you to focus on your product roadmap.

You know your solution needs Kubernetes behind it

But your team is lacking the time or skills to build and manage it

By utilizing SlickFinch’s team of highly experienced Kubernetes expert SREs you can focus on your product roadmap and deploy with confidence to any of your environments. Our Kubernetes Managed Service frees your team to focus on things they need to do to move your business forward, safe in the knowledge that your Kubernetes infrastructure is built right from day one, and will be scalable and reliable through your whole SDLC. 

We’ll work with you and your team to architect, build and manage the Kubernetes infrastructure that you need, wherever you need it. We can build it on whatever cloud platform you choose, or advise on the best one to suit your needs. We can even implement multi-cloud solutions if appropriate. 

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