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You have the vision, the goals and the drive.

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Whether you are a startup, small or medium size business,

you need things to work.

If this sounds familiar, then you need SlickFinch Custom Solutions.

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When you work with SlickFinch, you can rest assured you’re in expert hands. We’re experienced and trusted and have a track record of delivering world-class solutions for startups and Fortune 500 Companies alike.

It’s a highly collaborative process.

Collaboration is our middle name. We will onboard new team members or work with your developers and engineers to achieve your goals. Our mission is to set your team up for success, so they can stay in their zone of genius and keep doing what they are amazing at. We’ll take care of the rest and ensure everyone has the training needed to guarantee success.

Your Business Deserves World Class, Cutting Edge Expertise From Industry Leaders.

We are expert problem solvers dedicated to cutting-edge technology.

Accelerate Your Goals and Set Your Business Up to Soar with SlickFinch

Every project is different.

But our industry-leading solutions are a constant.

Our custom solutions begin with a walk-through of your application to examine how everything is built. Next, we’ll provide a broad-range estimate of how long the project will take and the recommendations that are needed.

We will do bi-weekly check-ins with clients, so you can see the progress and any issues that may arise. You can rest assured that we will stay in constant communication about the work being done and we will only bill you for the time spent. We’ll manage the project for you as the new platform is released into production and we’ll work with your team as necessary to ensure success.

Then during the sign-off phase, we step away and your business is set up to soar.

It’s easier than you think with SlickFinch.

Agile, cost-effective and stress-free DevOp solutions you’ll love.

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