Kubecon EU 2023 Highlights

The 2023 Cloud Native Kubecon Conference in Amsterdam was a great success, full of interesting presentations and conversations about the future of cloud native technology. It was so good to be at a live conference again meeting people and having that buzz about the place. We got to talk face to face with existing and potential new partners, so there are exciting things in store from us soon. 

As well as all the mingling, there were also a lot of great features, showcases and workshops throughout the event. You can see replays of most of them on the CNCF YouTube channel, but here are our key takeaways from the conference:

First, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to cloud native technology. Different organizations have different needs and will thus need to find solutions tailored to their specific requirements. This was reinforced by an emphasis on “choice architecture” – where users identify their needs first and then pick the right solution for them. Engaging help from our experts here at SlickFinch can help a lot of companies make the correct choices. 

Second, Kubernetes continues to be the go-to technology for many cloud native applications, with its broad feature set, scalability options, extensibility capabilities and more. There was a lot of focus on finding ways to make Kubernetes easier and more accessible for developers and businesses alike, which is exactly what we do here at SlickFinch, so this was great to see. 

Third, the use of edge computing technologies is growing in popularity as they provide an ideal way to reduce latency and improve the performance of cloud-native applications. Edge solutions are being used for everything from data analytics to artificial intelligence, allowing organizations to reap the benefits of cloud native technology without having to move all their data offsite.

Finally, security remains a top priority when it comes to cloud native applications, with a number of different solutions being discussed – including authentication methods such as OAuth2 and multi-factor authentication; encryption protocols like TLS; identity management systems; network segmentation; and more. This is an area we’ve helped multiple clients with, especially those who have strict compliance requirements. 

Overall, the 2023 Cloud Native Kubecon Conference in Amsterdam was a great success and attendees left with plenty of new insights on cloud native technology. From a SlickFinch point of view it was really encouraging to see that the solutions we provide are well aligned with the problems that people need to have solved. We’re already looking forward to Paris next year!

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