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7 Ways to Streamline Your Cloud Infrastructure and Save Time and Money

As a CEO, CTO, or key decision maker, you know that cloud infrastructure is essential for your business’s success. It allows you to store data in the cloud, manage and scale resources, and improve collaboration. But it can be challenging to manage your cloud infrastructure without wasting time or money. Here are seven ways to streamline your cloud infrastructure and save time and money.

  1. Utilize Automation
    Automation is key when it comes to streamlining cloud infrastructure. Automating processes such as provisioning, scaling, deployments, and backups can save you time and money in the long run. Automated processes also reduce human error and help ensure that everything runs smoothly without manual intervention.
  2. Use the Right Tools
    There are a variety of tools available for managing your cloud infrastructure—such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Jenkins, Kubernetes—but you need to choose the right one for your organization’s needs. Make sure you do your research before committing to any tool so that you can be certain it’s the right choice for your business. 
  3. Monitor Performance
    Monitoring performance is essential when it comes to streamlining your cloud infrastructure. By monitoring performance metrics such as CPU usage, memory usage, throughput of requests per second, latency of requests per second, etc., you can identify issues quickly and address them before they become a major problem. This will prevent costly downtime and ensure optimal performance of your cloud infrastructure at all times.
  4. Optimize Your Storage
    Storage optimization is another important factor when it comes to streamlining cloud infrastructure. You should review how much storage each application consumes on a regular basis in order to optimize storage utilization across applications. Additionally, consider utilizing object storage services such as Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure Storage for long-term data archiving instead of relying on expensive local storage solutions for archiving purposes only.
  5. Implement Security Best Practices
    Security should always be top priority when managing any type of system or network — including cloud environments. Make sure that all users have secure access control systems in place, encryption is used where possible, firewalls are set up properly, antivirus software is running etc. Additionally, make sure that security best practices are regularly reviewed and updated as needed.
  6. Adopt DevOps Practices
    DevOps practices — such as continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines — can help streamline development processes while ensuring quality control throughout the process. CI/CD pipelines automate tasks such as building code, testing code, deploying code, etc. This helps minimize human error while also reducing costs associated with manual processes.
  7. Make Use of Cloud Services Providers (CSPs)
    Using a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) can help simplify the management of complex cloud environments by providing specialized expertise in areas such as security, automation, scalability, etc. CSPs provide managed services which allow organizations to offload some tasks related to managing their own infrastructures so they can focus on their core business objectives instead.

    Streamlining your cloud infrastructure is essential if you want to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs associated with managing complex systems. At SlickFinch we help our clients in all of these areas including choosing the right CSP, be it Google, AWS or Azure, and can implement a plan to help streamline your cloud infrastructure whether you’re just getting started or already have an environment in place.

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